Co-Management / SelfBuild Package

Co-Management Package for up to a 15% discount.

Eco Mobile Homes – Delivers and Assembles the structural shell, cladding, windows and roof.

Co-Managment of Local Trades – 1st Fix Plumbing and Electrics, Insulation/Plasterboard/Skim/Decorate, Carpentry/Doors/Floor/Kitchen.

Self-builders, DIY and TV renovation show enthusiast, or those with a restricted budget, we are happy to offer our Co-Management Package.

This involves managing local trades for the completion on the internal finish, like decorating and kitchen fitting and carpentry.

Eco Mobile Homes always delvers and assembles the timber frame structure, cladding, windows and roof, all in accordance with the definition of a Mobile Home / Caravan.

Eco provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide and also a Project Manager that will attend site along the process, help with purchasing and quality control.

Eco provides all the detailed documentation, calculated for your build, that is sent to local trades for quotation.

Min 3 quotes from 4 main trades;

  • Plumber – 1st and 2nd Fix
  • Electrician – 1st and 2nd Fix
  • Dry-liners and Plasters – Insulation, Plasterboard, Skim
  • Decorators
  • Carpenter x 2 – Flooring, Doors, Kitchen, Carpentry.
  • Carpet Fitters

We supply also the customised documents that allow quotation and evaluate the costs and services together to negotiate the best prices.

Purchasing has to be made through Eco Mobile Homes Ltd, in order for us to Zero VAT rate the entire package. This is made simple by issuing you a cash card, that allows you can purchase some elements of the build, like kitchens, flooring, tiles etc, as and when you see them, this can often be essential in taking advantage of retail sales and having total control over changes you may want to make internally during the process of completion.

Please fill in our enquiry for mentioning you are interested in the Co-Management Package.

Image: Delivery and Assembly of the Structure

Mobile Home Timber Frame Kit Being Assembled Onsite


Image: Eco Mobile Homes Ltd Completes the External Finish. Cladding Windows and Roof.

External Finish Of Mobile Home: Cladding, Windows and Roof


Image: At this stage internally all the walls are constructed but in ‘Open Panel’.

Open Panel Timber Frame Walls


Image: Start of the Co-Management Package – Fitting Insulation to Walls and Ceiling.

Fitting Insulation Between the Timber Frame Stud Walls



Image: 1st Fix Plumbing and Electrics – This is all the wires and pipes and infrastructure.

1st Fix Plumbing and Electrics: Wires and Pipes and Infrastructure


Image: Dry-lining with Plasterboard

Plaster Board Dry Lining


Image:Plaster Skim
Hand Applied Plaster Skim


Image:Tiling and 1st ‘mist Coat’ Decorating

Building Phase: Tiling and Decorating Mist Coat

Image: Carpentry



2nd Fix Plumbing. Installation of Boiler and Radiators. Bathroom and Toilet Suites.



2nd Fix Electrics


Fit Kitchen


Final Decorations and 2nd Tiling