Twin Unit Mobile Home Prices

Mobile home and static caravan price list. Also for sale log cabins and garden lodges. Each of our homes is manufactured bespoke to the clients requirements. For a detailed sale price please choose a floor plan or sketch out your design and email us.

Eco Mobile Homes 2015 Price List



Welcome to Eco Mobile Homes .com, leading manufacturers of luxury mobile homes and static caravans. Based in the UK, we’re among the highest specification manufacturers in the industry, with the quality of each build surpassing building regulations for conventional housing. We’re specialists in assembling large mobile homes on-site, where access is restricted.

We predominantly make the larger type of twin-unit mobile homes and residential static caravans. The majority of our builds are maximum dimension, 3-4 bedroom, 65 x 22ft units that are designed for modern residential standards and hard to access sites.

Our service is focused on building bespoke lodges for the general public. Each home is different and designed to the owner’s unique requirements and budget. We rarely produce the kind of caravan seen on holiday parks that can be designed for a shorter life span. Our clients are mostly private homeowners who require a residential quality mobile home to site in a garden for a relative to use on a permanent basis, an instance that will often not require planning permission.

Key Points

  • Our standard specification offers the same wall thickness and insulation values as a conventional new build house. Suitable for year round occupation. 200 mm insulated walls, roof and floor.

  • Built to conform to both the Caravans Act and Building Regulation Standards for conventional homes.

  • Bespoke design with unique floor plan, exterior and interior styling. Massive selection of finishes, kitchens and bathrooms – whatever the client wants.

  • Low-profile timber chassis with countersunk wheels for a better appearance. Substantial 220 mm floor timbers give superior rigidity underfoot. Ply Floor boarding.

  • Proper 12 mm internal plasterboard wall finish, painted. Real wood flooring, 100% wool carpets and real marble tiles, all as standard. Solid, clean, modern interiors – just like a normal house.

  • Specialists in on-site assembly, for hard to access sites or delivered fully finished.

  • These twin size mobile homes look and feel just like normal new build homes both inside and out.


Mobile Home Prices


  • We’re specialist manufacturers of the larger twin-unit mobile homes and subsequently our minimum order requirement is £90,000. This represents a 40 x 22 ft 2-3 bedroom lodge, fully finished to a basic specification.


  • All the prices quoted include full delivery and construction of the home, fitted kitchens and bathrooms, but do not include furniture or groundwork.


  • Each home is individually designed from a wide selection of finishes and therefor uniquely priced.

  • Our average price range is between £110,000 – £160,000.

  • Full size 65 x 22 ft (20 x 6.8 m) mobiles homes start from £130,000 fully finished and delivered. A luxury specification model will average £150-160,000 finished to the highest standard in the industry.


  • Single unit static caravans can be 14 ft wide and 65 ft long. Our bespoke service doesn’t make us price competitive for smaller static caravans. However, if your requirement is for a larger home we’d be happy to receive your enquiry.


  • Prices exclude ground works and services but include all other costs, delivery etc.


  • Prices are zero VAT rated (no VAT to pay).


Prices include:

• Engineering / Legal Report
• Full Delivery and Erection of the Structure
• Fitted bespoke Windows and Doors
• Roof Tiles
• Exterior Cladding
• Fully Insulated to Building Regulations
• Plasterboard, Skim and Decoration
• All Plumbing and Electrics
• Internal Carpentry, flooring, skirting and doors
• Bathrooms
• Fully Fitted Kitchen

• Decking

• Furniture, white-goods, curtains, T.V’s and entertainment.
• Groundwork, services, site clearance.