Questions and Answers

Nationwide Delivery

For factory finished mobile homes or units assembled on-site, we deliver nationwide but do not ship internationally.

Bespoke Design

Each mobile home is designed uniquely to the client’s requirements and budget. Most designs are an alteration or combination of floorplans from our existing range and finished from a choice of materials and options from our standard specification catalogue. However, we are not limited to this, practically any design and finish is possible.

Pre-Assembled or Assembled On-site?

We can build each mobile home in our factory and deliver it in sections. This will require access for a HGV trailer and a large crane. For hard-to-access sites we can assemble the mobile home on-site from smaller pre-fabricated panels.

Construction Time

For both factory and on-site builds the construction period is usually 8-14 weeks.


We can specify a finish to suit your budget. Because each unit is different it is hard to give general costs based on size. A 40 x 20 ft lodge may cost the same as a 60 x 20 ft because it has expensive windows and roof tiles. Normally a 2-3 bedroom lodge can be fully constructed and finished from £90,000. Full size 65 x 22 ft mobile homes start from £130,000 with a high specification model averaging £150-160,000. No other costs except groundworks and services.

100 year+ Lifespan

Unlike commercial mobile homes, which can be designed for a shorter lifespan, our residential homes, that are built to conform to Building Regulations, will last a lifetime. After many years it’s possible to replace or renew the cladding and windows, kitchen etc. The integrity of the overall structure will not deteriorate like some commercial units. Internally walls can be re-painted, just like a normal house.

Planning Service

We offer a complete start to finish planning service. From Lawful Development Certificate applications for mobile homes in gardens, planning applications for mobiles on green field sites and also PPS7 applications for agricultural workers’ dwellings, equestrian units and smallholdings.


We do offer a service that allows the self-builder to finish the internal fitting of the build. We always deliver and erect the frame, cladding, windows and roof. The floor is pre-insulated and ready to take carpet. The structure is wind and water tight and externally finished. All the internal walls are fitted but ‘open-panel’. The self-builder completes all 1st and 2nd fix plumbing and electrics, insulation and wall finish, internal carpentry.

Legal Report

Each mobile home comes with a full 80+ page engineering report with individual calculations; explaining how and why the mobile home conforms to the definition of a ‘caravan’. We will often submit this to the Planning Authorities with the planning application pack prior to delivery. For BS3632 residential mobile homes a conformity report is also supplied.


Payments are usually made in 5-10 part payments during the progression of the build. We have a pay-as-you-go policy. Unfortunately we cannot offer finance at this time.


We can complete the entire groundwork and service connection operation if requested. Otherwise clients are provided with a groundwork setting out diagram for your local firm to complete.


Viewing a finished home is part of our consultation service. We encourage all serious customers to view at least one of our finished lodges. We rely on the kind hospitality of previous clients allowing viewings around their homes. This allows us to offer a larger range of homes to view but unfortunately means we have to limit viewings. If you are in the early stages of investigation then we recommend you proceed with our professional consultation service, where you will receive a bespoke floor plan, price, viewing and site visit.